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        The Gruter Institute is a research community that fosters collaboration across disciplines in order advance our understanding of the interplay between law, institutions and human behavior.  The goal of the Institute is to build a richer understanding of the underlying behaviors at the heart of society’s most pressing problems and to improve our understanding of how law and other institutions facilitate or hinder those behaviors.  To that end, the Institute brings together academics and practitioners from diverse fields ranging from evolutionary biology, economics, anthropology, finance and law to exchange knowledge from the diverse disciplines, collaborate on core questions, and develop tangible outputs, including publications, policy recommendations and the architecture of innovative institutional and legal regimes.

Gruter Institute Program on Understanding Innovation

Innovation & Growth

The Gruter Institute’s Program on Understanding Innovation will continue to bring the Institute’s interdisciplinary toolkit to the study of innovation and growth. 

The Gruter Institute will continue to bring together academics and practitioners across a wide spectrum of disciplines to build a systems-level theory of innovation and growth. Just as we are better able to refine legal systems with an improved understanding of that which law is meant to regulate -- human behavior, so too we are better able to refine institutions with an informed understanding of that  which we are trying to facilitate - innovative behavior. There is a wealth of knowledge about how innovation occurs in a range of complex systems, from evolutionary biology, to anthropology, law and economics. Taking a systems-level approach to analyze what constitutes a system receptive to innovation versus hostile to innovation, we are best equipped to positively foster and support specific legal regimes, economic policies, and business approaches that facilitate innovation and growth and advance global quality of life.  The Program convenes select scholars and practitioners to 1. exchange relevant knowledge and questions within the diverse disciplines, 2. collaborate on the core questions at the heart of better understanding productive innovation, and 3. develop tangible outputs of publications, policy recommendations and the architecture of innovative institutions and legal regimes.

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Dr. Helmut and Mrs. Waltraud Poppa Retire from the Gruter Institute Board of Directors After More than Two Decades

The Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research announces the resignation of esteemed Board Members Dr. Helmut and Mrs. Waltraud Poppa.  Since joining the Board in May of 1990, Dr. And Mrs. Poppa have been consistent supporters of the research programs and interdisciplinary collaborations forged by the Institute.  Both Dr. And Mrs. Poppa were close friends of  Gruter Institute founder, Margaret Gruter.  Their strong support for creating a platform for reaching across disciplines to explore and understand human behavior has been critical to the Institute since its earliest days 

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